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“We care about our planet” units six schools from Turkey as a coordinator, Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Romania. Our project aims to make students deal respectfully and in a responsible way with their environment and its problems with regard to care about the planet they live on through exchanging information with their European partner schools. Our target group consists of about 1500 students, 3000 parents and 70 teachers from the participating organizations.

We all live on the same planet, and we all share the same natural resources. A clean environment is very necessary to live a peaceful and healthy life. But our environment is getting dirty day by day, thousands of species of animals and plants are disappearing because of some negligence of human beings.  All we need is to how to take care of our planet.



Awakening an environmental awareness in students at the early age, in local and European communities. Making students deal respectfully and in a responsible way with environment activities  related to its preservation and protection. Developing  close and purposeful links between the staffs of the project schools leading to opportunities for effective professional development, curriculum enrichment in all partner schools, and the promotion of good teaching methods, in pedagogical approaches and school management. Creating a European understanding of environmental problems and the value of the preservation of nature among students, teachers and parents with the activities in and out of the school and other people with LTT Project  meeting activities. Promoting our students' and community’s creativity,responsibility and innovation for a sustainable future




Our planet, Earth is in pretty bad shape and in danger! It's getting worse and worse every day. The world is too polluted and we despoiled our planet with our wastes and destroyed or mutilated precious environmental and ecological resources. 
Our own lives and the lives of all living creatures, animals, plants, trees on earth are seriously damaged. People all around the world need to change their habits in order to prevent the dangerous effects of global warming and from destroying the environment.