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26th – 29th November

1st Day – 26th November 2018

1) Welcome ceremony at the ERYAMAN TÜRKKENT ILKOKULU in Ankara

• Welcoming speech by the headteacher of the school

• Welcoming speech by the co-ordinator of the Erasmus+ programme, Sabriye Güner

• Traditional dances by children of the school

2) Visit classes at the school

• The pupils presented songs, dances, games, short stories and the touching art of Origami.  They also gave us gifts made by themselves, out of recycled materials. We had the chance to taste delicious sweets.

• Ebru: observation of the painting on the water and creation of artworks with this special technique.

3) Learning about the composting of useless food. Each country ‘baked’ its own compost in a very pleasant way (listening to music and dancing). A different seed will be planted in every compost.

4) School performance: ‘There is no other planet’

5) Presentation of the Turkish Educational System

6) Project information

• Watch the films of the 6 countries from the website

• Presentation of the 2 questionnaires’ results

• Competition of the logo of the programme – Cyprus is the winner

• Presentation of the mascot and the posters with ‘ECO – CODES towards 2020’ of all the countries. Poland is responsible to prepare the relevant leaflet by the end of December

• Discussion of what it is going to follow:

a) 10 Christmas cards out of recycled materials will be prepared by each country and they will send 2 to every partner by post, until 15 of December

b)  Videoconferencing among schools for exchanging wishes and singing Christmas and New Year Songs

Bulgaria – Cyprus
Poland – Turkey
Romania – Greece

The date and time will be arranged by the co-operative countries

c) Multilingual dictionary:

Composting – Turkey
Endemic plants and flowers – Romania
Endangered animals – Poland
Endemic plants and animals
& Global warming – Cyprus
Garbage, littering – Bulgaria

d) Each country will prepare a video or a PP or pdf photos about the mascot the host

e) Each country will create there project blog in their native language and disseminate it in the community

f) ECO CYCLE: “How to protect the environment” (5R’s: Rethink, Reduce Reuse, Respect, Recycle AND planting trees). A leaflet or a presentation each country will prepare in order to show the importance of recycling and planting trees, introducing the flora and fauna of their country and town – deadline, end of January 2019

g) Each country will disseminate the results of the first LTT mobility meeting in Turkey and fill in the questionnaire for the meeting

h) Meetings:

21nd – 26th January 2019 - CYPRUS
19th – 24th May 2019 – POLAND
13th – 18th October 2019 – ROMANIA
22nd – 27th March 2020 – BULGARIA
17th – 22nd May 2020 - GREECE

i) Each country will write one of the meeting report:

TURKEY: Cyprus
CYPRUS: Romania
POLAND: Bulgaria
GREECE: Turkey

2nd Day – 27th November 2018

1) Visit at Anitkabir: historical museum and mausoleum dedicated to the life of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founder of the Turkish Republic

2) Eymir Lake visit: games and activities in nature in order to gain harmony, fulfilment, freedom and balance

3rd Day – 28th November 2018

1) Visit to te “Tuz Lake” (salt lake)

2) Tour around Cappadocia:

• Kaymakli Underground city: registered to the world heritage list of UNESCO in 1985. It is the widest of the 36 underground cities in Cappadocia

• Avanos: the town of Avanos is set on the banks of the Kizilirmak, the Red River. It is a beautiful maze of old stone houses

Göreme Open Air Museum: a ring shaped collection of early churches cut into the volcanic cliffs dating back to 4th century. In a spectacular landscape containing rock, hewn through centuries, it provides unique evidence of Byzantine Art. Onyx, jewellery and pottery workshops excite the visitors.

4th Day - 29th November 2018

1) Visit the castle of Ankara and the Anatolian Civilization Museum

2) Visit the local Deputy Mayor, who welcome the team of Erasmus+ in Turkey and talked to us about his achievements he is proud of.

3) Visit Eryaman Bilim Merkezi, a local school where gifted children can practice their special abilities

5th Day - 30th November 2018

1) Departure of the partners