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22nd - 25th  January 2019

1st DAY- 22nd January 2019


• Welcoming speech by the head teacher of the school
• Welcoming speech by the coordinator of the project, Andreas Andreou
• We watched a film about the history of Cyprus and its beauties.
• Presentation of  Nicosia, the community, the school – by teacher Andreas Andreou
• The children presented dances, songs (“Parts of trees”, “Trees are our friends”), a song in all the languages of the project, a narrative story, “The giving tree”.
• Students participated in ROBOTIC ACTIVITIES with Cypriot students.
• Students learned about endemic plants and animals for each countries
• Students participated in cooking class, preparing a local delicacy.
• Students had an art class and created a group art project regarding the environment.

2) Erasmus room

• All the countries presented the activities that they had with their students, in November and December 2018: videos/power point presentations about endemic plants and animals, pictures with preparing Christmas cards for the partner schools, Skype meetings, making projects, drawings, objects from recyclable materials, Erasmus corner, or Erasmus panels in each school, power point presentation with the importance of recycling, planting trees, pollution, making compost,   power point presentation with the mascot’s visit in each school, planting activities, trips.

Romania: Romanian project on plants, animals and recycling

Aphrodite's journey in Romania


Greece: Primary School of Zervochoria - Our activities


Poland: https://erasmustychysp40.blogspot.com/

Leo the Lion

Turkey: http://turkkentcare.blogspot.com/

Cyprus: http://dim-ag-dometios2-ka-lef.schools.ac.cy/index.php?id=erasmus

Educational System of Cypus


• We exchanged mascots.
• We visited Nicosia, Agios Georgios Church,  The Leventis – Municipal Museum of  Nicosia and Ledra Museum Observatory.

2 nd DAY- 23rd January 2019

1) We attended the Lesson about “Global Warming”- teacher Rhea Thoma and her 3rd grade students

2) We watched a power point presentation about the educational system in Cyprus.

3) Students took part in athletic games with Cypriot students.

4) Students had painting activities regarding global warming.

5) We discussed about the new tasks, for the following months, January, February, March and April:

• Cyprus will prepare a material about Global warming
• Romania will prepare the meeting review for Cyprus visit
• Poland meeting, in May, will have the theme: Endangered animals
• Bulgaria will prepare a Memory game. Each country will send 3 endemic animal names to Bulgaria!
• Each country will bring in Poland a presentation, (pdf or word ), named GUIDE BOOK, “Let’s get an animal”. Students will show how they take care about an animal, pet/endangered animal, specific to their country. Add pictures, puzzles, quizzes, animals made from recycled materials and a short paragraph, describing that animal.
• In Poland all the countries will bring the INTERNATIONAL ANIMAL COLLAGE. We have 1 animal from each country, so 6 animals, A4 size. We cut the image: head/body/legs, and children will have to mix up all these parts of the 6 animals and create new creatures. We take pictures/we share them. We bring in Poland 3 creatures for each country, 3X5=15 creatures. They can name them.
• For EARTH DAY, 22nd of April, each country will make a video or power point presentation with the activities they will do.

6) Planting an olive tree in the school yard

7) Children prepared a poem about the importance of olive trees in our lives.

3 rd DAY- 24th January 2019

1. Visit to Episcopi Environmental Center

• We watched the film “ The Ezousa Valley”- about the endemic/ endangered/ protected plants and animals in Cyprus.
• We visited the exhibiton room about flora and fauna

2. Visit to Limassol

• Activities with students on the beach
• Visit of the Medieval Castle

4th DAY- 25th January 2019

1. Visit at CYHERBIA Botanical Park and Labyrinth, in Avgorou.
• Students and teachers had to fill in observation sheets about different categories of plants and birds.

2. Visit in Larnaca

• Salt lake, flamingos
• Activities and games on the beach

5th DAY- 26th January 2019

1.  Departure of the partners